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Current Series

People of Old

In this series we are taking a look at some of the heroes of faith from Hebrews 11.

Worship Songs Explained

We take a look at top worship songs and explain them, the story behind them and why we sing them.

Other resources for the book of Exodus


This site has reading plans, study questions, maps, videos, and so many other resources to help you if you want to study along with us. All thanks to The Village Church in Texas for making their resources available to the broader church.

We also love The Bible Project.
They have some videos to help give the background and understanding of what is going on in the book of Exodus.

Exodus 1-18

Exodus 19-40

We The Church

This series is similar to our Healthy Church series.

This series talks about the local body of believers. Sermons found here are:

The Bride
The Body
Beautiful Feet

*An introduction sermon on Acts 2 is found in Great Stories & Great Statements.


The Colossians series looks at the person of Jesus Christ and who He is. In Colossians we see the supremacy and the sufficiency of Christ. This series points to the true source of salvation, Jesus Christ, asking the question, Where have you put your hope?

Healthy Church

Things covered will be Resources, Witness & Marriage & Family.

The first part under Resources the Pastor's will be preaching about using our money and resources for the kingdom of God.

Sacrificial Giving 
First Fruits