What is The Table? 

Vision: To see The Branch Church build relationships with people that are far from God by inviting them to our "table."



Why The Table?

We want to be a church that is reaching those that are far from God with our lives.  We desire to build relationships with people outside the walls of our church buildings.

Our goal will be for us to pray for an “open door for the gospel so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ” (Colossians 3:4).  We hope to identify at least one person that is in our own circle of influence (our jobs, neighborhoods, families etc), build a relationship with that person, and invite them to our “Table".  

Our “Table" could be our own homes for a meal, a coffee shops, at a restaurant, etc. We desire to see salvations and recommitments to Christ through the people of TBC engaging with the people in our circles of influence, through our own “Tables."

Your Table Stories

We want to be a church that celebrates what God is doing. If He has used the idea of The Table to make a difference in someone's life, contact Pastor Don or a campus pastor and let them know so that we can celebrate with you.