Trav walks through Acts chapter 1 as he introduces our new sermon series Acts:Witnesses

Acts:Witnesses Acts 1

Jeff walks through Acts chapter 1 as he introduces our new series.

Newsology: Deconstruction Part 1

In our first of a two part series on deconstruction, Eric, Don & Stacy discuss what deconstruction is. Is it a new phenomenon? Is it always a bad thing? And what can we as the church do to come alongside those starting down the deconstruction path.

Newsology: Sports Betting

Recently Ohio legalized sports betting. Now we are bombarded with advertising for ways that we can bet on various sporting events and players. How should we as Christians think about this topic, and how should we weigh if we should participate or not?

Newsology: Healthcare in America

Eric, Don and special guest Joel Gause discuss the state of Healthcare in America. They bring a lot of different perspectives, from witnessing inner-city access to healthcare, to healthcare professionals. But overall how should we as Christians process the complicated topic of American Healthcare.

Newsology: Heroes

Eric, Don and Travis discuss the heroes we look up to, who they are and why we look up to them.

Newsology: Fitness

It's New Years, and many of us are looking at New Years goals that have to do with a healthier lifestyle today Jeff, Travis and Josh discuss exactly that. How does scripture influence our view of fitness? And how can our activity affect our spiritual and mental health?

Newsology: New Years Resolutions

Eric, Don and Jeff talk about New Years Resolutions - why we make them, if they're effective and why setting resolutions and goals can be beneficial.

Josh, Don and Stacy talk all things Christmas! Christmas favorites, would you rather, and how to keep Jesus at the center of the holiday.

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