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Discipleship Triangles

discipleship triangles

Making disciples who make disciples.

Discipleship Triangles are a staple ministry of The Branch Church.  At TBC, our vision is to be a loving community committed to reproducing passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.  Discipleship triangles are a key way we attempt to see our vision come to fruition.  

Each discipleship triangle is made up of between 3-6 people.  These groups may have 1 leader or be co-lead depending on the group.  The leader(s) are responsible for scheduling meetings for the group, facilitating a time of prayer requests, and leading discussion based on a book of the bible or a Christian living book.

These meetings will include some form of bible study or book study, and will also include a time of prayer & life on life discipleship. Each group will meet at least twice a month, but time and location is very flexible based on the people in the group. 

We believe meeting in small groups is an important part of growing as a Christian. We need others to challenge and encourage us to grow. Studies have shown that groups of three are excellent for this, and our goal is that eventually every member of our church will be a part of a discipleship triangle!

*Triangle Sign-Up's are happening this month (January!). 
Sign-Up Here

Study Reviews

As Discipleship Triangles go through different books and studies, we would love for them to be shared with other leaders. Attached below are links to a blank study review sheet that you can print & fill out to hand to Jonny, Whitney or Jill. As we receive reviews they will posted here for you to view.

Does God Exist by Bobby Conway

Blank Study Review

Training & Check-In

Trainings - Trainings occur 2-3 times a year. At these trainings you as a leader are given objectives to accomplish over the next 6-9 months with your Triangle group. These objectives are to help bring more unity, fun and service into your Triangles to help create more relationship and growing opportunities.

Current Objectives  - 

Check-In's - People are not perfect so we know that as you are leading a triangle, you may have questions. Every few months there are Triangle Leader Check-In's. These check-in's are to encourage you and hopefully answer any questions you may have. Each evening is ended with a time of prayer for all of the triangles within our church. Check-In's are held at our Countryside location.

The next check-in is Wed, April 17 @ 630PM.

As a leader of a discipleship triangle, TBC expects the following as apart of your commitment to serve the body of Christ:

  • Ensure that your triangle meets together at least twice a month.  We understand that life can happen are there will be some scenarios where 2 meetings a month is not possible for a short season.  However we feel that striving for a minimum of 2 meetings a month will create enough consistency for your group to develop life-on-life community.

  • Attend the 6 leader gatherings each year (2 trainings and 4 check ins).  Again, we realize that you may not be able to attend all 6 leader gatherings, but please make it a priority to attend as many of them as possible.

  • Meetings with your D-Triangle should include a Bible or book study, prayer, and building deeper relationships.

Covenant Agreement

We take confidentiality and community very seriously.  Because of that we ask each Triangle to look over and sign this Covenant Agreement.
Covenant PDF

We have seen Triangles impact and grow our church tremendously. We believe that people crave these family like relationships where you are challenged to grow and become more like Christ.

Simply Discipleship Conference

In many ways we partner with Off The Wall Discipleship. This Spring they are hosting a  Discipleship Conference. We are encouraging our church and especially our Triangle's to attend the conference. For more information on the conference you can visit their website HERE.
You can register/sign-up through our church, you can do so via a Sunday morning through a form. Just ask an usher or a Pastor.

Needs & Service Opportunities

Whether you are in a Triangle, or a Deacon or Deaconess, or just attend our church, or even just a visitor who wants to know how to serve people within our church, below is a list of people who would appreciate help or encouragement and prayer. To get in contact with them or more information, you can contact the Campus Pastor's.

Baltic Campus - Contact Eric Schrock
*Kitty Kiel & Sonya Baker who are battling cancer.
*Visit people who can't make it to church: Dorothy Schlabach

New Philadelphia Campus - Contact Josh Nims

Off The Wall Ministry - Contact Todd MacMath

*OTW Apartments rear stairs need to be repaired.
*Troyer house needs new siding.