Sunday Services at 1030am at our Baltic & New Philadelphia locations. NO DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY.More Info

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One Church, Multiple Locations.

The Branch Church seeks to be a loving community that makes passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been a church solely located in Baltic, OH since the early 1970s. In April of 2015 we took a step of faith and launched a second location in New Philadelphia, OH. 

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Service Times

Sundays @ Baltic
8:30am - Prayer Time in the Youth Room
9:30am - Discipleship Training
10:30am - Worship Service

Directions to Baltic

Sundays @ New Philadelphia
9am - Worship Service
1030am - Worship Service

Directions to New Philadelphia

TBC Benevolence Policy

As TBC grows we continue to have more and more needs both within, and outside of, our congregation. We desire to act on a set of Godly principles, and want all parties to understand how we operate as a church. We want to be certain we actually help those in need, not creating a culture of enabling those who are unhealthy.

First, we seek to primarily meet the needs of those within our congregation, and meet those outside needs outside of the church as we can. We have many needs, and unfortunately cannot help with each and every one. Our first priority is to take care of those within our congregation.

To be considered within our congregation, people must attend regularly for at least 3 months.

Next, as a multiple location church, the deacon and deaconess boards operate as one board with sub-boards in each location.  Each sub-board has a chairman or chairwoman who communicates with the other locations.  The sub-boards at each location may dispense benevolence up to $1,000 per month upon agreement among those at that particular location.  After $1,000 has been dispensed to meet the needs at any location within one month, the chair of each board must confer with the chairs of the other TBC locations if any more funds are to be dispensed by exceeding the $1,000 monthly allotment for that location.

If someone comes to the church in need who is not a regular attender, we may dispense small amounts of funds, but no donations over $150 may be given per household unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. The local Elders within the location must approve any amount over $150 to be given to non-regular attenders. 

The deacons have the ability to dispense the benevolence fund, with a limit of $4,000 per need. If more funds are necessary, the elders of TBC must give approval. The deacons will bring greater needs to the attention of the elder board.

Before meeting any need, especially through the dispensing of benevolence funds, an application for assistance should be filled out, and a meeting held with the applicant. Those who need non-emergency funds (such as utilities, food, shelter) must be willing to meet with a financial counselor before any funds over $150 can be dispensed. People applying for financial assistance must be willing to give full disclosure of all financial information to the financial counselor. 

Benevolence Application