Welcome! We desire to see growth, Truth, community, and fun displayed in our ministry to your children.


Our Nursery is for infants, up to 3yrs old (except for @ Baltic, it is up to 2yrs old) and runs through both Discipleship Training & Main Service hours. At Baltic & New Philadelphia locations we have 2 rooms designated for the Nursery and Strasburg has one room. We try to separate the walking toddlers from the babies who cannot walk for safety reasons. Our volunteers are super stars (and we are always interested in more!)

When you drop your child off at the Nursery, please sign them in, and when you pick them up, we ask that you sign them out. We do this for safety reasons, to make sure we can give the best care to your children. 

PRE-School - 6Th Grade

Discipleship training hour

We believe in teaching children the Gospel and how to worship God and discipleship from early on. Our classes for them are geared toward having fun, but also learning Biblical Truth's and how we can use them in our lives.

In Baltic - we have 4 different classes. There is a class for the Toddler's (TOTS) in the Infant Nursery room for 2-3 yr olds. The other classes are all together in the big room for the first 15 minutes singing together and then the split off into, 3-5yr olds, 6-9yr olds & the 10-12 yr olds. 

In New Philadelphia - All the children are in one class together downstairs and then split off into boys and girls groups for more of a discipleship time with their leaders.

In Strasburg - All the children are together in one class past the cafeteria and gyms.

Children's church

Every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday's after the worship during the Main Service your children will be dismissed to go to Children's Church. The leader's will be at the back leading your children to their designated area. During this time they learn from the same passage that the adult's are, just geared towards your children.

*We really believe in children learning to worship and serve God not just by words, but by example also. For this reason, we have designed the 4th Sunday of every month as Family Sunday in our Main Service. We keep the children in the service, and the Pastor's try to do a section of their sermon geared towards the children. We do this, for the children to learn to sit through church and worship with the whole Bride of Christ.

*There is currently no children's church in Strasburg yet.


For the safety of your children, we ask that you drop your child off, and pick your child up (in Baltic, @ the Kid's Wing off of the foyer) (in New Phila, downstairs in the sunshine room) when the services are over.

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VBS: 2019 

Who: Children ages 3-12
When: Sunday, July 7 - Thursday, July 11 from 630PM - 830PM
Where:  The Branch Church; Countryside in Baltic.