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Winter Policy

Winter Policy

by on November 09, 2018

TBC Winter Policy

TBC has a simple policy regarding canceling church during winter months when bad weather can occur. Services will be dictated by Holmes & Tusc County Snow Levels. 

If a Level One is declared, we will have a modified service. This means there will be no Discipleship Training & Volunteers are not required to attend. This includes any volunteer who is not a member or paid staff. Positions such as nursery & worship team are not required to come, but are welcome if they want to brave the snow.

Modified services will have the sermon posted directly following church so that those at home can quickly tune into the service. 

If a Level Two is declared, we will cancel church altogether.

A decision will be made by 7:15 AM on Sundays to give time to alert all volunteers and let us send a message out. We will attempt to send a message out to everyone in the congregation between 7-8 AM on Sunday mornings with info on services if there are any modifications. Service alerts will be put on the phone tree & Facebook. 

If you are not on our phone tree, please sign-up with the Secretary (330-401-6643), and we will send all prayer alerts and other messages to you. 


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