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The Church Building is More Than Just A Building

by Don Stubbs on May 14, 2020

The church building is more than just a building. 
Theologically, we all know that “church” is not just a building. We understand that the “church” is the body of Christ. 
But during these difficult times we have come to realize that the church building is much more than just a building. It gives us a place to come together and do those things we love to do. Such as worship, communion, prayer, community, food, conversation, and big hugs.  It allows us to all be together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, to encourage one another and support one another.  Since Covid-19 happened, we miss being able to do those things, and many of us can’t wait to meet and share our lives in corporate worship again.
But we have also found that to those outside the Church, a church building is more than just a building. Many see it as a place of hope, care, and a place that identifies a people. A group of people who are different.  A people that love one another and love others.  A place that they can come to or call, when they have no where else to go. A place that represents a God who is able to give hope, when all else has failed.  
The building can also remind us of our ongoing commitment to the mission of Christ and the importance of the Gospel going forth. You see, when we come to the building, we hear of the stories of the gospel working and lives being changed by Christ. Often times as we worship and learn together in the church building our hearts are stirred to live out the gospel of Christ. We are often reminded to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are challenged to love our neighbor and to seek the good of others, and are encouraged to never grow tired of doing good. 
So even though the church building may look like it was built by the hands of man, we know that it was and is always built by the will of God. 
Consider giving toward the work on the gospel this Sunday.  All of our giving this week will go toward the building remodel of the New Philadelphia location.  We are eager as TBC to plant permanent roots in the city of New Philadelphia with this building, as we continue to strive to be the light of the gospel.
Don Stubbs

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