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That's how you do it heart to heart

That's how you do it heart to heart

by Don Stubbs on June 17, 2022

That’s how you do it Heart to Heart

The other day I had the best experience while in a restaurant, But I have to give you a little background first. If you know me, you know I am somewhat of a joker, so I was there with four couples,  who are my dearest friends, and I’m the only single person in the mix and right next to us was a large group of people, and I said to them, “my friends always treat me poorly and I have to sit at the end of the table all alone”. To my surprise they invited me to come over and sit with them. So I did, and I continued my vicious, but untrue, attack on my friends, 

I was not serious and it was fun. Now, my friends love me deeply, I just enjoy pretending that they don’t, and honestly I’m not really sure why. Maybe deep down in side I feel like a third wheel, or just out of place, but let’s get back to the story. So I sat there for a few minutes, and then went back to my friends. We all had a good laugh, and continued our meal.

As the other group was leaving, one of the ladies asked me if me friends where treating me better, and I said “no!” She just stood there and said “oh, can I give you a hug?” I stood up and she gave me the biggest hug twice, and she said “you see that how you hug heart to heart!” Yes, that’s how you hug heart to heart. Then she said they were going to see her grand daughter in a play and they invited me to come, I kindly said no, and she said “have a great evening and God bless you”.

As she left, my heart was stirred and I thought that was so kind, but as the rest of the evening went on, I really began to feel that my soul needed that kindness. To be honest, it was a life line to my soul. I not really sure why, but I had been believing that I really didn’t matter. Now no was was treating me poorly, I just felt alone, and then God stepped in, and said to me, through this grandma, “You are not alone and you are not forgotten.” 

So I want you to remember that the smallest act of kindness, might be the best thing you can offer to someone, it might not be a hug, but a smile, opening a door for someone, not becoming angry when someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe If we all just take a step back, slow down and ask God to give us a heart like His, and His heart is kind. It might just change someone’s day, someone’s heart, or someone’s eternity. 

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