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Talking with Jesus

Talking with Jesus

by Don Stubbs on August 13, 2021

This morning I was listening to a song by Brandon Lake, called Talking to Jesus.

As the song was playing, I was moved to tears. You see, the song is about how his mother got him starting to talk with Jesus. But the part that moved me was when he tells the story of his 15 year old son. You see one day Brandon was in his room singing praises and his Son walked in, but seeing his dad singing to Jesus, his son said I see you have a lot on your mind, I'll come back another time. But Brandon stopped and invited his Son to come in and to give it a try. 

Yes, son come in and give talking to Jesus a try, such a simple concept. You see, life can get so crazy, especially for young people and we can forget just how difficult life can be for them. The challenges they face everyday, the decisions they have to make and the pressure they find themselves under in this world.

And what people need to know is that we are there but even more important, Jesus is there. I have notice that that simple lesson of just talking to Jesus is not one that we teach very well. We often teach them to talk to everyone else but Jesus.  Somehow we have not made talking with Jesus ours or their number one response. Maybe we have forgotten or maybe we’re just not sure that going to Jesus as a daily habit and talking with Him really helps.

This song reminded me that it is when I’m talking with Jesus consistently in my day, life just makes more sense. I’m not so overwhelmed and I don’t give into the pressures of this world so easily. I don’t know how I forget this simple truth but I do. So, today I’m reminded that if we teach people anything, we ought to make sure we teach them to talk to Jesus.

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