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Serving changes your heart

Serving changes your heart

by Don Stubbs on July 21, 2022

So this is our last day in Kenia Alaska, we came as a group of 9 people to serve. We lead Bible studies, lead worship, sorted clothes, painted walls, tore down small greenhouses, and many other things. The time with the people at the Freedom House, Friendship Missions, the Compass Youth Outreach, and Kenai Grace Brethren Church moved our hearts and stirred our souls.  

But it was the community with one another that did something to us. We had a running joke about community, but as we really think about we became a community, we had deep and real conversations. We laughed together, and some of us cried together. We learned about each other in ways that we would not have done if not for serving together. 

Yes, as we served we spent time with one another, we saw each other helping those in need, those who have lost hope. Our team showed deep compassion and love to widows, the homeless, the addict. And that changed us, it made us see the world we new eyes, and new hearts.

No matter what we did, there was joy and determination. The things that we would not normally enjoying doing, and maybe things that we would complain about, we did with excitement and with much laughter. Yes we were changed, and that change was for the better.

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