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Sermon on the Mount: Week 9

Sermon on the Mount: Week 9

by Travis Troyer on November 20, 2020

Do Not Be Anxious (Matthew 6:25-34)

Have you ever tried to look two opposite directions at the same time?  How about run or walk two opposite directions at the same time?  We can’t do it.  We can’t go two opposing ways.  We cannot serve God and man.  When we attempt to do that we find ourselves in a cycle of frustration.  Our divided loyalties lead to anxiety in our lives.  This anxiety or obsessive worry makes us feel like we are being pulled apart, divided into pieces and ultimately, we are troubled with cares.
When is enough, enough?  The fear of scarcity (not having enough) can fill us with this troubling anxiety.  The author Skye Jethani in this book What If Jesus Was Serious says, “…when we are afraid, we also contract; we pull our resources inward in a posture of protection and self-preservation. We can only think about ourselves, our needs, and our survival. From this defensive position, we cannot love because we cannot give. This is exactly what Jesus wants to set us free from. When we come to see that our heavenly Father will take care of us, we will be released from our captivity to self-centeredness and begin to recognize, and meet, the needs of others.”  Anxiety can never be cured by getting more stuff.  Faith in God our provider is the answer to our fear of scarcity.
Your life is in God’s hands.  Just reflect upon that truth.  Your life is in God’s hands.  He knows you and He values you.  Do you know Him?  Do you value Him?  He calls us to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”  Seek does not mean browse.  It means to seek out with purpose and intent.  The more we focus and are intent on living life and using our resources to seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, the more our focus will be on God our provider, not the false sense of security the things of this world provide.
Weekly Reading - Matthew 5-7; Luke 12:25-34; Philippians 4:6-7

Have you experienced anxiety or obsessive worry in your life?  Have you identified a cause?
Do you struggle with the fear of not having enough?  Do you try to find security in something temporary?  How has this hindered you from serving God and others?
What steps of faith can you take to trust God your provider?
What steps can you take to seek first God’s Kingdom in your life?

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