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Sermon on the Mount: Week 2

by Travis Troyer on September 09, 2020

Week 2 - The Beatitudes 
(Matthew 5:1-12)

What is the meaning of the blessed life?  What does it look like?  Simply put, the blessed life is having right relationship with God and enjoying Him as we should.  The beatitudes describe an inner way of Jesus that is full of this blessing.  It is not a “to do” list, it is Jesus laying out the values of His Kingdom.  We can “do” actions that are momentary and half-hearted but the way of Jesus is marked by being who He has created us to be, living out His values, and enjoying the blessing that follows walking in His ways.

It is easy to get caught up in this world and lose sight of where true blessing is found.  We will be tempted to run after temporary joys which fade quickly and leave us hungry for another temporary joy.  What Jesus describes in this passage doesn’t seem to make sense, but a loving God leaving glory to sacrifice Himself for sinful humanity doesn’t make much sense either.  The way of Jesus is one of grace, mercy, and a love like no other.  The way of Jesus leads us to right relationship with God and allows us to enjoy Him forever.

We sang a new song that Aaron Troyer wrote for this series.  The line that is stuck in my head is “more than yesterday.”  My prayer is that we would love Jesus more today than we did yesterday, that we would follow passionately after Him, walking in His ways.

Weekly Reading - Matthew 5-7; Luke 6:20-23; Isaiah 55:1-2

Questions to consider:
How would you finish the sentence “Blessed are..."?  How does your view of blessing compare to what Jesus teaches in Matthew 5:1-12?
Which value of God’s Kingdom (blessed are...) do you struggle to value in your own life?  Why do you think it is a struggle?
If a stranger followed you around for a week what would they say that you value?

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