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Sermon on the Mount: Week 13

Sermon on the Mount: Week 13

Our final piece on the Sermon on the Mount!

by Travis Troyer on December 16, 2020

Wise or Foolish
(Matthew 7:24-29)

Chances are you have probably gone to a doctor’s office, received a diagnosis, and been prescribed a treatment.  The treatment is the wise action steps the doctor has laid before you to lead you back to health.  In those moments the decision is made to believe the doctor and follow the instructions or disagree with his counsel or just refuse to follow his prescribed plan.  When you sit back and think about it, there is little point in consulting a doctor about health issues unless we are prepared to act upon the things we are told.
Jesus concludes his Sermon on the Mount saying the wise are the ones who hear his words and do them.  Knowledge must become action, theory must become practice, and theology must become life.  Our response to what Jesus says is vital.  It is great to have emotional reactions to Jesus’ words but what we need more than that is a commitment of faith.
What is your response to Jesus’ words?  Jesus challenges us that our response can’t be just mere words, good intentions, or surface righteousness.  We must respond in faith, believing and trusting what Jesus says, commands, and calls us to.  We can outwardly profess our faith with words, but one day the storm of judgement will come and the reality of our foundation will be exposed.  Will faith in Jesus be the rock that stands or will empty words, good intentions, and surface righteousness be washed away?
Weekly Reading - Matthew 5-7; Matthew 21:28-32; Luke 6:47-49
Questions to Consider:
When you read the Bible and listen to Bible teaching are you prepared to act upon what God is saying through his word?  Why or Why not?
In the parable Jesus tells in Matthew 21:28-32, which son do you relate to?  Is it both?  
How can knowledge become action, theory become practice, and theology become life for you?

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