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Sermon on the Mount: Week 11

Sermon on the Mount: Week 11

by Travis Troyer on November 30, 2020

Just Ask God
(Matthew 7:7-14)

Do you struggle to ask for help?  We as humans struggle to ask for help for a variety of reasons.  It may be our pride or self-sufficiency, or it may be us not wanting to be a burden to others.  Whatever the reason, we must move past it and find ourselves on our knees asking God for the help we desperately need.
The passage starts out with the word “ask.”  We are to ask God for what we need and to keep asking Him for what we need.  Wired inside of us are deep rooted needs that only God is able to meet.  The problem is that we ask others and/or idols to meet those needs instead. They may meet the need for the moment, but will ultimately fail us.  Prayer is the means for us obtaining what we need because what we need more than anything is what God can give us.
There is a tendency in us to perform instead of pray.  Gifts and blessings from God can’t be manipulated or coerced from him through our performance.  We tend to perform first and then ask and appeal to our performance instead of simply asking God for what we need, appealing to his grace and goodness as our Father.
God knows how to give good gifts.  His gifts are what we need, not what we want.  When he says “no,” it’s because he loves us too much to say “yes.”  No parent always says yes to their child.  Sometimes saying “no” is evidence of a parent’s love, not the absence of it.  Our belief of God being a good Father who wants to give good gifts to his children should move us to keep asking, seeking, and knocking.
Weekly Reading - Matthew 5-7; Luke 11:9-13; James 1:5-6
Questions to Consider:
Do you struggle at times to ask for help?  Why do you think this is hard for you?
How have you been tempted to meet your needs in others or in created idols of this world?  What can you do to start turning to God to meet those needs?
Do you have a tendency to perform instead of pray?  How can you implement a “pray first” mentality?
Why is it hard to keep asking when you feel like God keeps saying “no?”  What lies about God is Satan speaking to you?
Take time this week to “just ask” God for little things in life.  Maybe you need encouragement, relief from pain, peace, etc.  Just ask!

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