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Letter from Elders & Pastors

Letter from Elders & Pastors

Our elders and pastors wrote a letter that we mailed out explaining their heart in moving forward as a church as well as some highlights of things to be celebrating and our plan going forward.

by Pastors & Elders on August 12, 2020

Dear Branch Church,

We love you and miss you!

It is our joy to serve you.  Since the start of COVID-19, we have been working hard to continue in our mission of being a loving community that makes passionate disciples of Jesus.  We, like many of you, have felt the weariness of constant change, lack of clarity, and unknown direction surrounding the pandemic.  Despite the difficulties in meeting together corporately, God has used this time to stretch and push us into new areas of ministry.  We have had to learn to adjust and do the best we can navigating uncharted waters.

We love that our church body is diverse, but also understand that in the midst of diversity there are different backgrounds, perspectives, and views on the world.  We are all in different situations and have many different opinions on COVID-19 and the way our government has handled it.  We seek to honor the government as long as they don’t infringe on what God asks of us in His Word.  We will continue to follow the mask mandate until the governor removes it.  Some of you have health conditions and other reasons why you are unable to wear a mask.  If that is you, we don’t want that to keep you from gathering together with us.  You are welcome to come and be part of our worship services.

We understand that many of you are more comfortable at home until we get through this pandemic.  We also realize that many of you are ready to be back at church.  We want you to know that either way, we stand with you as you navigate making decisions for you and your family.  We are grateful we can continue to worship with you, whether in person or online.

We want to share some highlights of what God has been doing over the past months and give some clarity and direction for us as a church, as we move forward into the fall.

To all of you that call TBC home, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you through this time.  We are concerned about you and we miss you.  We are doing our best to lead from a distance but it is not easy.  Keep loving Jesus and we look forward to seeing you soon.




  • Several people were saved and baptized this summer including some of our children!
  • We had an anonymous gift for simulcast equipment literally weeks before the pandemic.  We have been able to provide quality online services through upgrading our equipment and having many volunteers and staff step up and give of their time.
  • We have seen incredible outreach happen through our digital content.  Branch Music is on Spotify & Apple Music so you can listen to your favorite worship songs throughout the week.  Our YouTube channel is being filled with teaching, worship, and videos for our kids.  We’ve heard from people all around the country and parts of the world who have watched, listened, and been encouraged by our resources in these difficult times.  We want to continue to produce content that shares the power of the Gospel with those near and far. 
  • With the lack of school sports this summer Matt Baker has been providing a weekly opportunity for our children to play sport
  • Through raw, authentic, honest, and honoring conversations over the past few months our elders have grown in maturity and unity.  We are not perfect people but our desire is that God is glorified in all we do.
  • We have joined together with 20+ local churches and the Tuscarawas Sheriffs department to work together for racial equality & justice while supporting our local law enforcement.  This group has been meeting weekly to pray, talk, and seek God.


  • Live Sunday Services - 9:30am Adult Class / 10:30am Service @ both locations (starting Aug. 16th)
  • Live Children’s Church - 1st & 3rd Sunday
  • Children’s Church Video - 2nd Sunday
  • Nursery - we would love to start having nursery but this is only possible if we have enough volunteers.  If we have enough people willing to serve we would like to start this back up in September.  If you would like to serve, please contact Jill.  Feel free to bring your kids to the service until then.
  • NO RSVP is necessary to come to our services unless you will be putting babies/toddlers in the nursery once it is available.

ONLINE SUNDAY SERVICES - 10:30am Live Stream

  • On our YouTube Channel (subscribe to The Branch Church)

YOUTH GROUP - 6:00pm September 2nd

  • We will be starting youth group back up with a launch party with more details to come.

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