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A Simple Reminder

A Simple Reminder

by Jill Troyer on October 05, 2021

If you’re anything like me, you need reminders. Reminders on your phone to pay a bill, cancel a subscription, to know when that doctor appointment is, when that friend hangout is and where, oh and also what time! Life can be crazy and there can be too many things trying to take over our thinking, so reminders are helpful and often necessary.

Recently I keep being reminded of how kind God is and that His heart, is for me.
What gets stuck in my head, often on repeat unfortunately, is that He doesn’t want to be kind to me and that I deserve whatever mayhem is going on in and around me. That I deserve punishment for falling short. But that’s not who He is and doesn’t align with His character.

My triangle is currently going through the book of Jonah with the major theme being mercy. Although I may be behind in the study (realistic expectations here), catching up and listening to what the others are grabbing out of the scripture and study has been so encouraging to my heart. God, despite our disobedience, questions, attitudes, short-comings, fears…still pours His refreshing mercy over us and pursues us. He is so kind and so for us.

So my simple reminder for you today, put it on your phone, on a sticky note in your car, on your bathroom mirror, add it to your daily list, however you get your reminders….

God is kind and He is for you. 

And maybe out of gratitude for how kind He is to us, we can be kind to someone else today.

Also, I’m thankful for friends who pray God’s heart over me, for Pastor’s who remind me from the front that God’s heart is for me and He is kind to me and for friends who are seeking God and study His word alongside of me and are patient with me when I didn’t do the work I should have. I hope and pray that you have people like this in your life. If not, ask for them, because once thing I learned a few years ago is that God likes to give gifts, especially really good ones. Good people who love Him to walk this life with are definitely a good gift.

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