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4 Ways to Live & Share the Gospel

by Josh Nims on August 01, 2019

At our combined service on Sunday, we focused on what it means to live and share the Gospel.  Here are the four practical ways we mentioned you can begin to live and share the Gospel this week.
Invite a friend to Overcomer
TBC will be partnering with Quaker Cinema in New Philadelphia and The Quaker will be showing the new Kendrick Brothers (Facing the Giants, Courageous) film Overcomer at the end of August.  TBC will have 300 pre-purchased tickets that we will be handing out this month on a Sunday morning service.  The Mission Board has purchased these tickets so we as a congregation have an opportunity to impact our community. 
Gospel Challenge:  Invite a friend to the movie that does not have a relationship with Christ.  
What a great way to build a relationship with someone that does not know Christ and use a film as a pathway for spiritual conversation.  More information regarding pre-purchased tickets and showtimes will be coming soon in the following weeks. 
We all live near people and have some level of interaction with our neighbors throughout our day to day lives.  
Gospel Challenge:  Learn the names of your neighbors, take them a baked good, and begin to pray for their salvation as well as opportunities to be a witness to the Gospel.  
Learn about their interests, family and background as a way to build a relationship with them. 
We all frequently visit places of business within our community on a regular basis, whether it be grocery stores, the gym, post-office, restaurants, etc.  
Gospel Challenge:    Learn the names of the people that we see regularly at these places within our community. 
Be a customer that engages with them more than just the cultural norm of “Hi, how are you”, and begin to learn something new about who they are when you see them.  Relationships and human currency will emerge over time.
We all spend over 40 hours per week at work.  Some of us may spend more time with the people we work with than our own family and friends.  In a year you will spend over 2,000 hours at your place of employment!
Gospel Challenge:   Identify one co-worker that is not walking with Christ and intentionally build a relationship with them.  
Over time, as human currency is built, you may earn the right to speak into their life.  When life’s trials come, people often turn to those that they know and trust for comfort.  What a great opportunity to be a witness to the gospel. 

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